Voice Clarity Enhancement a patented technology in the field of telephony.

We have all experienced the problem of having a conversation in a noisy space, especially when in outdoor locations. This is particularly a problem where the communications forms an essential part of a security phone or safety service such as a motorists emergency phone or police phone.

VCE™, novel technology from Clearsonics, makes a quantum leap in the clarity of the communication at both ends of the conversation. This is spectacularly demonstrated, for instance, in a tunnel environment so noisy that while two people close to each other are having trouble making out the words, a listener on the receiving end of a help phone can hear the conversation clearly.

In this case, how does the caller hear the operator? Due to VCE, it is possible to increase the volume of the output at the noisy emergency phone end. This was not possible with pre-VCE technology, since a loud output unbalances the emergency telephone. This is why it is often so hard to hear on a mobile phone, for instance. While VCE makes high volume possible, Clearsonics' Adaptive Volume Control constantly measures the level of 'noise' and adapts the volume to suit the conditions.

VCE has the ability to improve all communications in noisy environments, from call box systems on roads, gate entry and security phone systems plus industrial phone applications in mining and factories.

You would have thought that trying to have a conversation in a busy freeway tunnel full of trucks, when standing perhaps several meters from the phone, would be impossible. Far from it, the operator at the quiet end can hear you loud and clear.

VCE! Expect to find it in all outdoor telephone and intercom systems in the future!