A series of all weather hands-free emergency telephone products supported by call management and remote testing systems
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  • Pedestal WayPhones are designed for call box applications where you do not have a structure to attach a phone or require the phone to stand out. A solar option is also available so together with cellular you have a cable free installation.
    Installations examples

    Panel style WayPhone is ideal for security phone, gate entry or tunnel applications where the emergency phone is flush mounted into a wall, bollard or other structures such as a fire cabinet door in a tunnel.
    Installations examples

    Voice Clarity Enhancement technology is available for integration into 3rd party products. The VCE module can be easily customised to suit various connection and integration requirements. A matched speaker/microphone assembly is also available.

    Wall style WayPhone is uniquely designed to allow many installation options; wall proud, flush, pole and barrier mountings.
    The Wall style is extremely vandal resistant.
    Installations examples

    The WayPhone Tester efficiently monitors WayPhones health. Facilities for emergency phone diagnostics, event logging and configuration changes are provided under keyboard control.

    The WayPhone Manager is a Call Centre solution for managing multiple help points using VoIP technology (virtual PBX). Facilities for call control, call recording, phone diagnostics, event logging and configuration changes are all provided under mouse/keyboard control in a user-friendly Windows environment.
    The Manager is scalable so you can have hundreds of emergency phones and multiple control rooms and operators. It is easily integrated into a central control system with connection via TCP/IP.