Clearsonics supplies KPE Expressway in Singapore with Panel VolP solution. Also supplies Fort Canning Tunnel with PSTN solution. Clearsonics supplies in Malaysia KLPH Freeway with Panel VolP solution. Butterworth Outer Ring Road with Wall mount VolP solution. SDE Expressway with Panel VolP solution. Clearsonics supplies in Thailand, Bangkok Highway replacement scheme. Extended wall mount VolP solution. NBIA (New Bangkok International Airport). Combination of wall mount and panel VolP solution. Sl Freeway Extended wall mount GSM solution. Clearsonics breaks into the Indian market supplying major expressways. AP2, AP3, TN1. Special Universal mount configuration incorporating Solar, VolP with fibre optic conversion. Clearsonics appoints Distributor in Sri Lanka.
New Zealand
Clearsonics has been awarded contract for the supply of GSM solar solution replacement for major freeway scheme in Auckland

Clearsonics confirm new Distributor in France and breaks into the French market with first project supplied. Reunion Tunnel with VolP solution. Clearsonics now confirms new Distributor in Spain. Clearsonics establishes support in the U.K. for new U.K. Distributor. Clearsonics further establishes itself in the U.K. market supply wall and pedestal product to major utilities market. Clearsonics supplies Master / Slave option GSM Solar to Freeways in Ireland. Cleasrsonics through its Denmark Distributor awarded contract to supply pedestal phones to Danish Road Authorityin 09.

Clearsonics applies its product and technology to Western Australia Public Transport Authority (PSTN), TranAdelaide (PSTN) mains and remote power feed and New South Wales Rail Corporation with Clearsonics VolP technology. In relation to Roads Clearsonics successfully supplies GSM Solar pedestals to the Pakenham Bypass, Monash Alliance - Freeway and the Geelong By-Pass. Clearsonics has also been awarded major contract for M2 Freeway in Sydney.

United States of America / North & South America / Mexico
Clearsonics appoints Distributor for above areas.

Middle East
Clearsonics appoints Distributor for the UAE